Book Review: The Crypto Intro By Nathan Rose

Published in June 2018, The Crypto Intro is a paperback and Kindle starter guide to the cryptocurrency space. Author Nathan Rose has written a very helpful guide that makes the very steep learning curve for beginners much easier to climb.

Your author’s own journey into the world of cryptocurrency began in 2014 and there was very little readable information online at that time for a beginner. Then, everything was written by developers for developers. As someone with no technical or engineering background, understanding cryptocurrency took me a very long time. Luckily, The Crypto Intro shortens that path for you massively.

The Crypto Intro covers all the basics that are needed to competently get started. After reading this concise book, you will be much more familiar with terms like blockchain, mining, wallets, exchanges and halvings, which ought to be enough to get any lay person started with their first purchase. Cryptocurrencies are a fast moving asset class with lots of developments, so this book will not make the reader an expert, no book could, but it will hold the hand far enough to make a first $20 purchase and get started.

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Rose has written previously about other types of new crowd based finance and so clearly knows the spaces well. He draws on this experience to help walk newcomers to crypto by the hand to their first purchase. If you are just starting your journey onto the blockchain, this book is a very practical and hands on place to begin. Good luck!

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